One of the things that’s unique about The one OCEAN JEWELRY’s crafts is that motifs and designs have a meaning.
So if you have a “Code” (or in other words, a motto) which you live by, maybe you can look for a motif or design which expresses your code, which is a nice way of choosing the item besides just from the design itself.



*Our original design*

Symbolizes the Ocean itself.
Upper part shows the sky, lower part is the water surface.
Named after “Kai”, meaning “Ocean” in Hawaiian.

Ocean is mysterious.

For some reason, everyone falls in love even though there is nothing there.

This may be because “Staying with the ocean” has some kind of positive effect, as a result, leading to a brighter life where you can “Stay Gold”.

The Ocean is my source, my teacher, and my comfort.

Ocean don’t speak, however it teaches us many things.

What does Ocean mean to you?

“Stay Ocean. Stay Gold.”


*Our original design*

Symbolizes “challenge” and “overcoming” in honor of the magnificent waves created by nature.

Also means “unique (the one and only)”, “eternal/forever”, and “frequently visited happiness” from the fact that no waves are alike and it never stops.

In addition to this motif (which expresses the swell of waves and splashing water with curved lines), there is also a unique design that envelops Maile, as well as a traditional “scroll” design with a round head.


A native Hawaiian vine leaf.

It has a meaning of “growth,” “bonds,” and “ties,” from the state of it’s vining.

It also has the meaning of “peace.”

In addition, it is this maile that forms the basis of the engraving.
It might look like a simple design, however, the way of inserting the blade is common to all other designs.
Days spent practicing to engrave beautiful Maile is a good reminder of “Never forget the beginner’s humility”, and “good memories”.


In Hawaii, Honu (sea turtle) is familiar to many people as the “guardian of the sea who brings good luck.”

Honu, also known as “Aumakua”, is popular as a talisman motif because it is believed to be a god or ancestor who transforms into the flora and fauna of Hawaii and protects important beings from danger and disaster.

Very popular for people who are related with Ocean, such as Surfers, Sailors, Fishermen, etc.


It is said to be that Plumeria petals have five meanings that make up “ALOHA”:

-Akahai (kindness and compassion)
-Lokahi (cooperativeness)
-‘Olu’olu (joy)
-Ha’aha’a (humility and honesty)
-Ahonui (patience)

Keeping good balance and harmony of “ALOHA” leads to fulfilled and greater life.
The motif is a good reminder to keep your balance better.

In addition, plumeria also has the meaning of “wish for the happiness of your loved ones”, “warmth of the sun”, and “brings out charm”.


In addition to the meaning of “blooming of talent” and “prosperity”, we precious the design as a symbol expressing the image of the Ocean.

Shell is said to be the world’s oldest jewelry, a motif filled with dream and romance.

Hawaiian flower

Motif is based on Hibiscus, the state flower of Hawaii.

It blooms with dawn, wilts in one day, and blooms again the next day, so it symbolizes “power/strength (life force)” and “a new step.”

It is a traditional motif that also has the meaning of “bright future”, “hope” and “trust”.


Different version of Hibiscus.

(Same meaning with Hawaiian flower.)


Makau (Hawaiian Fish hook) is said to “bring good fortune” and “strength” to those who wears it.
It is also said that the barb of the hook “helps the luck to not go or slip away”.



“The one and only/Unique”

A design that symbolizes unchanging value with a well-balanced arrangement of Hawaiian flower, Scroll, and Maile.

Queen Maile (Left)/Royal Maile (Right)

“Growth”, “Bonding/Good relationship”
“Never forget the beginner’s humility”
“good memories”