In order to be fair to all customers and dealers, there are some notes we would like to share regarding international purchases.

Due to the contractual relationship with our international dealers and to avoid resales, we apologize that our cart only works for Japan domestic purchases.
If you’d like to make a purchase from (or delivered to) outside of Japan, we strongly recommend you to notify us the location purchase and delivery before making an actual purchase, since we may have to decline the sales if it is determined that any of the following may apply.

  1. Direct sales to countries managed by our exclusive dealer.
  2. Temporary accommodation facilities in Japan (hotels, etc.)
  3. Orders from and deliveries to names/business services/destinations that fall under purchasing agency, resale, and overseas shipping/forwarders (regardless of whether they are individuals or corporations).
  4. Purchases made with a credit card issued by countries where direct sales are restricted.

*If we determine that any of the above may apply after payment (deposit), we will cancel your purchase and refund the amount excluding all the transaction related fees we cover for the payment and refund process, and any other charges related to purchase and refund.
*All information including a shipping address is required for placing an official order. (Change of location will not be accepted after an official order has been placed.)
*For some countries and regions, we may use shipping agents affiliated with our company, and only in that case will it be necessary to share customer information (name, address, contact information, etc.) with them. Please note that the customer’s consent to information sharing is deemed to have been given at the time of purchase.
*Regardless of the purchase amount, shipping charges (from 3,300 yen) will be required depending on the delivery destination.
*Customers are responsible for customs duties and other fees regardless of the amount.
*If the item is returned due to refusal of delivery (long-term absence, refusal to pay customs duties, etc.), the return shipping fee will be billed to the customer.
*Purchased items will be shipped neatly packaged, but if the package is opened at customs, it may be delivered in a different condition than the original package.


For both regular and special ordered items, we accept the following changes;

-Changing the metal type from silver to 18K yellow gold
-Extending the length of the bangle

Please kindly note that (even if requested to our dealers and they accept by mistake,) we do not accept changes in design, motif, or other specifications for both regular and special ordered items.

Purchase flow

  1. Click the blue “質問・見積り(Inquiry/Estimate)” button in the item page
  2. Select “Purchase” in the Subject section.
  3. Fill in the form and submit.
    *Submitting the form will be considered as “Official order”.
    *Please refrain from using “お買い物カゴに追加(Add to cart)” button on the item page as our cart system works only for Japan domestic purchases.
  4. Once the form is confirmed, we’ll reply with the payment information.
  5. Production will start as soon as the payment is confirmed. Shipment will be made as soon as the production is completed.

*Above flow is for direct purchases. If purchase/shipping country is managed by our dealers, please contact them for purchases.
(For items which are out of stock (nor registered) in their store/website, please inquire them so that they can give you an answer whether they can be ordered or not.)

Information regarding our service

Please refer to this page for any further information regarding our services.

We apologize for any inconvenience, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

*Texts of this website can be translated by changing the language icon on the bottom left of the page.