The one Oceanバングル






The one OCEAN JEWELRYが皆様と出会えたのは特別な出来事です。


「K18 KaiLaモチーフ12mm “The one Ocean”バングル」


Our new bangle expressing “one and only” using an element of freestyle engraving.

Ocean is different every day depending on the waves and the sky.

With engraving motifs such as waves, sun, and stars which are necessary to express the ocean at day and night as a common design, along with the freestyle engraving which deliberately ignoring the balance of the design, which is important in normal engraving, every single piece will become a unique, one and only item.

There are many challenges and fateful encounters in life, and no two days are exactly the same.

One thing that’s certain is that the type and timing of challenges and encounters are different for each and every one of us, in other words, we all have our own one and only path.

Us being acknowledged and receiving interests by our future customers is truly an one and only fateful experience, leading to a possibility of the future customers encountering a unique designed bangle of their own.

Introducing our new release K18 KaiLa Motif 12mm “The one Ocean” Bangle

“Stay Ocean. Stay Gold.”

(Pink gold motif will be in limited quantities. Please contact us for details.)

*Please kindly note to avoid image differences, in addition, to be fair to all customers, we will not be accepting requests regarding engravings (motifs, designs, sizes, engraving spots and numbers, etc.).