Mahalo nui loa once again to all the customers who spared their precious time to come to the Vinavast×The one OCEAN JEWELRY event.
It was a very beautiful and honorable experience to actually meet you all in person.

We also want to thank you for your deep understanding towards the brand.
We often state the uniqueness about our crafts (each and every motif and design have a meaning) and it was very surprising that you all have very deep understanding towards it and we very much appreciate your love and support!

Last but not least, we’d like to give a big Mahalo to the Vinavast team for the huge support.
The event wouldn’t have been successful without your cooperation!

Thank you very much for having the patience to the arrival of our items.
Your Ocean has been shipped.
We believe all the pieces came out to be very beautiful and we hope you’ll like them!

The schedule of the next event isn’t fixed yet, but we are hoping to make a visit again sometime next year, which we’re hoping to actually do some engraving!

Until then,

“Stay Hong Kong. Stay Gold.”

Owner craftsman
Sho Narushima

*Customized items are event exclusive. If you are interested, please look forward for the next event, or contact us for more information.
*One of the things that’s unique about The one OCEAN JEWELRY’s crafts is that each and every motif and design have a meaning.
So if you have a “Code” (or in other words, a motto) which you live by, maybe you can look for a motif or design which expresses your code, which is a nice way of choosing the item besides just from the design itself.