The Ocean metal

活気溢れるビーチリゾートも素敵ですが、太陽と海以外何もない場所にこそ感動させられたりしますよね 。







Lively beach resorts are wonderful, but it’s the places with nothing but sun and ocean that’s really touching.

“Don’t think too complicated, keep it simple”

A great teaching of “Simplicity” from our nature mentor named “Ocean”.]

Introducing our new release symbolizing that “Ocean”.

In order to emphasize the beauty of simplicity as much as possible, there is no engraving except for the sun and water surface including the back.

Instead, the radiation of the sun is engraved a little larger to give it a sense of presence.

In order to take advantage of the beautiful “flow of light” created by the sun’s radiation, we intentionally left out the black markings used in normal vintage finishes, while leaving the striking marks on the base metal surface that are effective in creating the unique atmosphere of metal.

With a maximum total length of approximately 45mm*, this pendant has enough presence to be worn alone.
*Including the upper ring part

“The Ocean metal (18K Sun)”

“Stay Ocean. Stay Gold.”