Solid gold Lino finished Ring

Welcome to the world of “Lino”.

Since our usual finish is vintage-like, we might’ve not had a chance to specifically introduce the shiny “Lino” finish.

The engraving technique of The one OCEAN JEWELRY is called “Deep engraving”.
Maybe it’s not familiar since the common technique used for almost all the metal engraving is shallow engraving.

However, talking about “shine”, deep engraving is the one.

First of all, let us explain about “sparkle/glitter”.

This sparkle/glitter appears when light is reflected.
The question is, what are the elements necessary to collect the light?

The important elements are the following two.

・Engraved surface
・Depth of surface

The wider the engraved surface area, the more light can be collected by that surface area.
It appears to shine when this collected light is reflected, but another important point is that there are depth of different angles on the surface.
The varying angular depths radiate light in all directions, making it appear more shiny than just a flat surface.

As you may have noticed, deep engraving is based on making the engraved surface “wider” and “deeper”.

Apologies if we sounded a little too specific on the subject, but thought it was a good chance to explain the connection of deep engraving and Lino finish.

Introducing the 18K solid gold 10mm ring.

Mahalo nui loa for your order.

“Stay Ocean. Stay Gold.”