Beloved partner Vinavast

Huge appreciation to our beloved partner Vinavast, who have invited us and gave us the privilege of visiting their Flagship store in Hong Kong for our exclusive event which will be held this coming Saturday and Sunday.

In the event, guests will be able to see all the items from the brand and will have a chance to order customized bangle directly to craftsman Sho Narushima.

[Customized bangle order]
Guests can choose below specs to create their originals.

-Width: 10 or 12mm
-18K Gold motif: 1 or 3
-Engraving design: From 7 designs
-Size: S, M, L, XL*Single type of engraving design will be available for one bangle
*Since engraving needs to be adjusted depending on the the chosen specs, please understand that specific engraving requests (such as number of lines, depth, original design which we do not have in our items, etc) can not be made.
(There will be limited number of reservations for the customized bangle orders so please contact Vinavast directly if you are interested.)

We’ll also be bringing some items which are finished from previous orders so for guests who are waiting for the arrival of the item, it’ll be wonderful if you could drop by if you have a chance to do so!

We are very excited to make our first visit to Hong Kong and we hope this event will help the guests to achieve deeper knowledge and understanding of our brand.

Aloha and Mahalo to you all, See you in a few days!